Faculty of Pharmacy, together with Faculty of Medicine were founded in 1945 and are the oldest units of the school now called Medical University of Gdansk. Nowadays, the Faculty of Pharmacy is the leading teaching and research center in Poland.

Our mission

The Faculty of Pharmacy is devoted to teaching. Our goal is to prepare young people to work as a pharmacist, laboratory diagnostician or specialist in a pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry. We are continuously improving the quality of our learning and introducing modern teaching techniques.


Our Faculty

The Faculty of Pharmacy consists of sixteen Departments. Each department is specialized in one field of pharmaceutical science, chemistry, biology or mathematics. Our teaching crew and scientists are among the best in their fields.

The campus of the Faculty of Pharmacy is located in Gdansk-Wrzeszcz district. It is well connected with other parts of the city and with the main campus of Medical University of Gdansk.

On the campus you can find The Garden of Medicinal Plant – a unique botanical garden, football field, library and canteen. As a student, you will be taught in the modern lecture halls and classrooms. There is also a Training Pharmacy – a special place imitates real-life pharmacy.